Power Engineering

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Power Engineering

Detailed works

  • Hydropower Plant – construction of renewable sources of Energy
  • Power House –  facility for the generation of electric power

The strength and the prosperity of a nation is often measured by the availability and reliability of its Energy delivery services. Energy relates to power generation, Transmission and Distribution. Electric power is generated from thermal wind, biotech, hydro plants etc. thermal (or steam) plants derive energy from combustion of fuel (coal, oil, or natural gas) while hydroelectric plants operate by generating electricity through water powered turbines. A turbine is an engine that changes water power to mechanical energy. Hydropower scheme can be basically describes as water-based energy production.

In recent years, the awareness of the development of renewable energy through small Hydro power plants has gained prominence in Nigeria, through the Federal Governments effort to increase power generation aimed at improving the electric power services in the shortest possible period. Our firm has responded to the challenge. We have been involved in the design and construction supervision of a number of small Hydropower systems in Ondo and Ekiti States.

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