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Highway and Transportation Engineering

Detailed works

  • Railway Construction – construction of platforms, track and points 
  • Ports –  top notch professional services
  • Tunnels – Constructions and maintenance
  • Bridges – support tremendous weight and span huge distances
  • Dams – planning, designing, supervision 
  • Roads – Constructions and maintenance

Modern day Roads/Highways constitute one of the means of transportation, involved in the movement of goods and persons, for the overall economic, and social cultural development of a nation. Road network can be compared with the veins in human body, as the health of a nation. The objects of modern road design are for the roads to provide safe, efficient, economic, comfortable and fast movement of goods and people.

Our team of professionals have been involved in the design and construction supervision of Urban and Rural roads in Ondo, Lagos, Kaduna and Osun States for the past decade. We do introduce to our clients through our designs, construction materials that are capable of improving the performance of road structures. Particularly in the riverine areas. Some of these include:

  • Terram Nonwoven Geotextile
  • Tensar BXseries Structure Geogrids

These materials improve the effective bearing capacity of subgrade by distributing loads over wider area. They are particularly useful in soft grounds with CBR of 3 or less. We would provide training in the installation and choice of geogrids at an affordable cost.

The designs we undertake as premised on the application of computer Software and Hardware capabilities.

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